The following videos are taken from footage of prominent male figures during the 1970's, during my "preconscious consciousness"  explore a quote from Conceptual artist Joseph Beuys in 1965 regarding the seminal performance piece, How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare.  In an explanation of the performance piece, Beuys offered, Everyone consciously or unconsciously recognizes the problem of explaining things, particularly where art and creative work are concerned, or anything that involves a certain mystery or question.”  He goes on to suggest that it was the muteness of the explanations that activated the viewer’s creativity.

The Problem with Explaining Things

The Problem of Explaining Things is a look at a 1980 Interview between the Conceptual artist Joseph Beuys and interviewer, Hermann Schreiber.  Through obvious edited manipulations of the video the interviewer and the subject occupy adjacent screen simultaneously in order to emphasize the face off.  The spoken content of the interview is removed, placing emphasis on the facial expressions, gesticulations and micro-gestures as the main source of information.   Despite the lack of spoken content the new narrative suggests an alternative interpretation of the interaction.  In this version the artist struggles with the self-conscious posit of representing himself while an interviewer seemingly judges, mocks and belittles

The Problem with Admitting Things

The Problem with Sharing Things

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